Self Directed Ira/401(K) Investment in Sanovas

Sanovas is pleased to report that its Investment offering has been accepted as a Private Placement Offering for administration by the following Self-Directed IRA Companies. What this means is that Sanovas investment documents have been reviewed and accepted by the following Self-Directed IRA Companies to act on behalf of individuals, such as you, who wish to use a Self-Directed IRA as a means to invest in Sanovas.


You would be interested to learn that many Traditional IRA accounts do not provide for their owners to direct their own investment monies into securities that may not be for sale in the public market (stock exchanges, etc.). These kinds of private placement investments have been largely reserved for high net worth, “sophisticated” investors. The following Self-Directed IRA Companies are part of a boutique of securities administrators that help individual investors direct the investment of their own monies into private investment vehicles; such as Sanovas Investment Offering.


If you wish to direct your IRA investment monies, for your own benefit, into Sanovas Inc. you may contact the following Self-Directed IRA Companies. Sanovas Director of Investor Relations, Art Gerrans, is also available to personally walk you through the administrative process of rolling your existing Traditional IRA over to a Self-Directed IRA Company to place your Investment into Sanovas, Inc.

Self Directed IRA Investment Assistance




   Art Gerrans – Director of Investor Relations
   2597 Kerner Boulevard,
   San Rafael, CA 94901
   Telephone: (408) 205-1734 
Sanovas’ investors have enjoyed working with the following Self-Directed IRA Companies:

IRA Resources

Since 1996, IRA Resources has acted as a third party administrator for self-directed retirement plans.
The company specializes in the administration and record keeping services for IRAs investing in Private Placements. This is a unique niche to the investment community.
With an affordable fee structure, IRA Resources makes it easy to do business. They administer IRAs for individuals who wish to take advantage of opportunities they know, understand and are comfortable with. Since the IRS does not allow an individual to do the record keeping for their own IRA, a third party is needed to ensure an arms-length transaction between you and your IRA.
Please visit IRA Resources, Inc. to learn more at
  • New Account Inquires – Call the IRA Resources, Inc. Business Resources Center 888-322-6534 (M-Th 8:30AM-4:30PM PST, Fr 8:30AM-3:00PM PST)
  • Email an IRA Resources, Inc. Business Resource Representative: Nicole Martinez
  • Mail: 6825 La Jolla Blvd. La Jolla, CA. 92037
  • Overnight/Express Shipping: 6825 La Jolla Blvd. La Jolla, CA. 92037
  • IRA Resources, Inc. Corporate Offices: Call IRA Resources, Inc.  858-469-1212 (M-Th 8:30AM-4:30PM PST, Fr 8:30AM-3:00PM PST) IRA Resources, Inc. Fax Number 858-459-6565

IRA Services Trust Company

IRA Services Trust Company is the self-directed IRA custodian of choice for investors looking for the highest level of customer service. With over 35 years of unmatched experience and customer satisfaction, our clients have the security of working with the market and technology leader in the industry.
As a Sanovas investor, we recognize that the timeliness of making your investment is of utmost importance. You will be automatically subscribed to our Concierge Service – a premium level of service reserved for the most discerning investors. You will receive the standard benefits of having an IRA Services Trust Company account plus:
A dedicated Account Manager
  • Receive personalized attention from a single point of contact who will personally handle your account and oversee all of your transactions.
Front-of-the-line service
  • Expedited processing and handling when it comes to funding your account and making your investment.
Timely status notifications
  • At your request, your Account Manager can provide you with a status update at each step of the transaction process.
To open an account or for more information, call our expert Concierge Team at 1-800-248-8447 ext 132 or visit
  • New Account Inquires – Call the Concierge Team at 800-248-8447 ext 132 (Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM PST)
  • Email the IRA Services Trust Company Concierge Team:
  • Mail: PO Box 7080, San Carlos, CA 94070
  • Overnight/Express Mail: 1160 Industrial Rd, Suite 1, San Carlos, CA 94070
  • IRA Services Trust Company Administrative Offices: 1160 Industrial Rd, Suite 1, San Carlos, CA 94070 | Phone: 800-248-8447 (Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM PST) | Fax: 650-591-2168


For 40 years, Polycomp’s IRA administration has made the investment process a smooth operation.
Why Choose Polycomp as Your Self-directed IRA Administrator?
  • Flat, transaction based fee schedule
  • 2 day turnaround available
  • Personal service (we know you by name)
  • Ability to access accounts online
  • Expert assistance in complex transactions
  • Certified IRA Services Professionals (CISP) available
  • Polycomp administers IRAs and qualified retirement plans
Flat fees vs. our competitors asset-based fees 
  • A small asset-based fee can amount to thousands of dollars annually on an IRA holding significant assets.
Fast turnaround times
  • Transactions can be time-sensitive; a quick turnaround is essential. Twenty-four (24) hour turnaround available upon request.
Customer service
  • Look for a company where you can build a relationship with your administrator and receive consistent technical expertise; where people answer the phone, return your calls promptly, and know you by name.
Depth and experience of staff
A good company invests in continuing education and has credentialed staff who can give reliable answers to your technical IRA questions while providing creative, compliant solutions.
  • Please visit Polycomp Trust Company to learn more at
  • New Account Inquires – Call the Polycomp Trust Company Administrative Services Center 916-773-3480 x2084 (M-Th 8:00AM-5:00PM PST, Fr 8:00AM-12:00PM PST)
  • Email a Polycomp Trust Company IRA Consultant: Dan
  • Mail: Polycomp Administrative Services, Inc., 3000 Lava Ridge Ct., Suite 130, Roseville, CA 95661
  • Overnight/Express Shipping: Polycomp Administrative Services, Inc., 3000 Lava Ridge Ct., Suite 130, Roseville, CA 95661>
  • Polycomp Trust Company’s Corporate Offices: Call Polycomp Trust Company 800-952-8800 (M-Th 8:00AM-5:00PM PST, Fr 8:00AM-12:00PM PST)

Midland Trust Company

Midland is a self-directed IRA Custodian and holds over $1.5 Billion in assets under management. Our cornerstone is outstanding customer service. No one likes being put on hold. We pick up the phone when you call and develop a personal relationship with you. We don't believe in 1-800 numbers. Every client has a dedicated representative here who gets to know and care about you.

  • YOU ARE IN CONTROL, if the Sanovas investment isn't allowed in your current retirement account, its because your current IRA company makes no money on it (they prefer to make commission off selling you stocks and bonds). SOLUTION = Open an IRA here at Midland. We allow you to pick your own investments. We are happy to hold the private investment within your retirement account. You are the boss. Video here 
  • Find more money for investments! We help you move over an old employer plan (such as a 401k, Pension, Thrift Savings Plan, etc.) or an IRA to a new retirement account at Midland. Moving your retirement funds with NO tax consequences and NO penalties. 
  • Midland is staffed with well-trained professionals, many of who have been awarded the designation of Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) by the American Banking Association’s Institute of Certified Bankers. 
  • All undirected cash in Midland IRA accounts are deposited in FDIC-insured banks that are FDIC protected up to $250,000 per bank, per account holder. 
  • Midland IRA has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Link here
  • We process all transactions in one business day, letting you invest with speed and ease!
  • Convenience is key - You can click to sign documents electronically. Our fees can be paid using credit card, our minimum balance is only $250 and can also be covered via credit card. 

To open an IRA account with us:


FDA REGULATORY DISCLOSURE: Sanovas Inc. is an emerging technology company.
These products are investigational medical devices that have not been approved or cleared for use in the United States.