U.S. Patent Number: US 9,737,195


Title: Handheld Resector Balloon System


Status: Granted


Inventors: Lawrence J. Gerrans, Erhan H. Gunday  


Abstract: A handheld resector balloon system includes a balloon catheter with a resecting surface and hub coupled to a handheld pump. The hub includes an inflation port that supplies fluid to a first lumen of the catheter to repeatedly inflate and deflate the balloon in pulsed fashion to resect biological material. The hub may also include a delivery port for delivering an agent, such as drugs, to a second lumen of the catheter for delivery to the distal end of the catheter. The hub may also include an aperture for inserting a device, such as an imaging device, into the second lumen of the catheter. In some embodiments, an imaging module is coupled to a handheld pump, which may include a light source for supplying light, and image circuitry for converting an optical signal from the imaging device to electrical data to be output to a computer.


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