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Introducing Smart Catheter Technology

Sanovas’ recently completed the finalization of its initial ‘Go to Market’ technology platform. Formally initiating the company’s pursuit of becoming a major technology catalyst in the Interventional Pulmonary Science.  The commercialization of Sanovas Vas Zeppelin technologies is intended to utilize new innovations that make existing catheter-based technologies more intelligent and more effective.

Sanovas’ ‘Smart Catheter’ technologies employ revolutionary advances in 3-D Imaging, Drug Delivery, Tumoral Resection, Physiologic Metrics, and BioSensors. These advances create proprietary solutions that provide surgeons with a faster, less invasive, lower risk and more cost effective alternative to current treatment interventions. This is achieved by providing the surgeon with an intuitive command of the operating environment never before realized.

Sanovas™ intellectual properties have broad application across the surgical arena. The technologies treat the diseases and obstructive pathologies in the various airways, lumens, vessels, spaces and pleural cavities throughout the body. The first commercially viable technology relates specifically to the Interventional Pulmonary specialty.

In choosing the Lungs, Sanovas™ will be one of the few medical device companies to have ever ventured into this complex anatomy. The lungs and the brain are the two remaining frontiers of exploration in the medical science community; largely because these organs cannot be ‘turned off’ to repair them. The Lungs offer special challenges related to the small bore size of the airways and to their fragile tissues.  The most daunting challenge of being able to work in the anatomy of the Lungs is to manage the patient's airway, allowing the patient to breathe, while skillfully working on what is, literally, a moving target!

Most all patients will suffer from some degree of airway obstruction and/or inevitably perish because of pulmonary obstructions secondary to Lung Cancer. The VAS Zeppelin™ technologies provide instantaneous results that allow cancer patients to breathe clearly once again. Sanovas goal is to help cancer patients extend their lives and empower their fight to survive!

Sanovas Inc. is an emerging technology company. These products are investigational medical devices that have not been approved or cleared for use in the United States.