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Larry Gerrans comments on VentureBeat article

"As the CEO of a life sciences company that has raised more than $6 million from individual investors, we are particularly enthusiastic about the prospects crowdfunding brings to our industry. The risk of fraud has been ever present since the Roman’s coined the phrase, ‘Caveat Emptor’ (Buyer Beware!). The focus should be to accentuate the US greatest common denominator, the goodness of our people. 

For the US to remain at the leading edge of both innovation and prosperity Americans have to take control of our individual and collective destiny. This legislation presents an opportunity to regain the trust and camaraderie among citizens and corporations in restoring capitalist ideals. With social media as the driver, communities and industries can invest in their collective interest."

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Larry Gerrans comments on Forbes article

"As the CEO of a medical device company, I have to agree with Todd that investors will invest in things they find understandable and exciting. For the mundane, nondescript technology company to learn to add a little color and real world utility to their brand identity may serve to become a good thing; especially if it creates more business for a PR company! The Life Science community is especially well suited to crowdfunding. Nothing is more meaningful to an investor or the founder of a life Science company than the opportunity to ‘Do Well by Doing Good’. Sentimentally, crowdfunding presents the entrepreneur with an incredibly meaningful socioeconomic mandate. It is one thing to grow shareholder value on behalf of some perceivably ruthless institutional investor. It is an especially meaningful mandate to be entrusted to steward the hard- earned dollars of a cancer victim. There is no bigger motivation than to look an individual who is in peril in his eye with assurance, to pledge responsibility for his hopes and aspirations, and to consecrate his dying wish with a handshake.

The reward for success and the consequence for failure are both deeply personal and carry tremendous weight. A perfectly fitting inspiration from which to incept innovation."

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Sanovas Inc. is an emerging technology company. These products are investigational medical devices that have not been approved or cleared for use in the United States.