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CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., Nov. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Producers of Profiles with Terry Bradshaw are pleased to announce that Sanovas will be featured in an upcoming segment on topics, trends, and issues related to "Improving Clinical Outcomes through Technology" as part of the show's "Medical Minutes" series.

Lung cancer is the most common form of cancer globally, with new cases increasing by more than 40% a year. In the U.S., there are more deaths caused by lung cancer than all other cancers combined, and annual death rates are rising steadily. One of the reasons lung cancer continues to be such a deadly form of cancer is the lack of tools available for detecting and treating the disease.

In response to the need for new detection and treatment methods for lung cancer, Sanovas has developed a line of microsurgical technologies that give doctors and surgeons better spatial awareness of their operating environment, allowing them to take tissue samples, remove tumors, and deliver drug therapies for lung cancer patients. The company's innovative technologies provide a way to navigate and visualize millimeter anatomy, diagnose molecular pathology, remove obstructive disease, and improve chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

While advocacy for effective diagnosis and treatment has been strong for many years, it hasn't been effective in reducing pulmonary disease or lung cancer. Congress, however, has had great success in reducing other disease states by sponsoring legislation for pre-screenings and innovative early detection and treatment. In each case, the evidence has shown that such legislative measures can considerably reduce this human tragedy.

"The bill we have introduced sets a goal of reducing lung cancer by 20 percent by 2020," says Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., sponsor of the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act of 2011. "It's going to be a very tough goal to reach, and [we'll] do it by better coordination throughout the federal government, better testing, and much more, I think, public knowledge of how serious this is."

In this special series of the show, host Terry Bradshaw will explore along with viewers the terminal threat lung cancer patients face, as well as what advocates such as Senator Feinstein and Sanovas are doing to decrease the incidence of lung cancer and to improve the prognosis of patients.

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FDA REGULATORY DISCLOSURE: Sanovas Inc. is an emerging technology company.
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