U.S. Patent Number: US20120226103A1


Title: Steerable Catheter


Status: Pending


Inventors: Lawrence J. Gerrans, Erhan H. Gunday  


Abstract: The present invention relates to a steerable catheter device and method of using the same comprising a catheter body having a distal section. The distal section of the catheter body has an inner lumen, and one or more steering lumen radially offset from the inner lumen. The steering lumen comprise a first end having a first diameter and a second end having a second diameter smaller than the first diameter. A fluid source is in fluid communication with the steering lumen for supplying fluid thereto to radially distend the first end of the steering lumen such that the catheter body bends away from the steering lumen. In some cases, a vacuum is supplied to an opposite lumen to further assist bending of the catheter body. The inner lumen may include a porous material that is utilized to clean an instrument, such as an imaging device, movably disposed in the inner lumen.


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