U.S. Patent Number: US8790299


Title: Balloon Resection Method


Status: Granted


Inventors: Lawrence J. Gerrans, Erhan H. Gunday  


Abstract: A balloon resection method is disclosed generally comprising inserting a catheter with at least one balloon having an outer wall with a resecting, non-slip surface for resecting unwanted biological material, such as tissues or tumors, and supplying fluid thereto in pulsed fashion to repeatedly deflate and inflate the balloon. In certain embodiments, a pump controls the pulsed supply of fluid based on an established frequency or change in volume. In some embodiments, the a keyed connector is used to identify the balloon type, and in some cases, intra-lumen diameters and densities are calculated. In some embodiments, the balloon portion of the catheter includes multiple balloon segments, which in some cases, are inflatable separately from one another.


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